Tycpool India – Best crowd funding NGO in India

By Admin, 01 Nov 2022

Tycpool is a popular Crowd Funding Platform used to raise funds for medical expenses, education expenses, nonprofit organizations, and more. We are creating innovative technology and finance solutions to empower people to raise funds for medical emergencies and critical illnesses and raise funds for a range of social and personal causes. Our platform has been used by lakhs to change lives through timely contributions, fundraisers, and actions. Donations can easily donate to TYCPool in both online and offline modes. On behalf of each donation, you will receive a certificate and donation receipt from TYCPool. TYCPool is a registered NGO. So, donate through TYCPOOL and get tax benefits under 80G. Your small donation will help serval peoples who needed.

If you’re looking for the best crowdfunding platforms for startups, Tycpool India, a Baghpat, Uttar Prades -based crowdfunding platform, has a variety of campaigns to choose from. There are campaigns for healthcare, education, sports, animal welfare, and personal care. 

It also has a section dedicated to urgently fund-needed campaigns and provides tax benefits to backers. Tycpool India also offers a cash pickup facility. In addition to its many benefits, Tycpool India is also one of the different crowdfunding platforms in India.

Millions of donors use the Tycpool India online platform to raise money for causes they care about. The site allows donors to choose which campaigns they want to support and then route donations through payment processors. 

Donations are usually released to the named beneficiary, but sometimes the campaign organiser receives a portion of the money. Regardless of the source, Tycpool India takes no cut of donations.

To start a campaign on Tycpool India, you must sign up using your email address or Facebook account. Once you've signed up, you'll need to create a campaign, set your fundraising goal, and add photos or videos. 

Also, once you've set up your campaign, you can begin sharing it via social media or personal connection. Once you have collected enough money, donors will be able to choose your campaign to support and donate any amount. Tycpool India Trust & Safety team ensures the safety of campaigns and donations.

How To Choose Crowdfunding Platforms?

If you're starting a crowdfunding campaign, choosing the best crowdfunding platform for your particular situation is a good idea. There are hundreds of platforms available, and selecting the best one can make all the difference in the success of your campaign. Here are some tips for choosing the best platform for your specific needs:

  • The crowdfunding platform's structure
  • The purpose of the campaign
  • Platform fees and missed targets
  • Platform support options
  • Available payment methods
  • Rules and Restrictions


With so many options and the ability to connect with like-minded people, entrepreneurs and businesses need to find the platform that works best for them. There is a suitable crowdfunding platform available for each need. If you want to keep all the balance sheet’s payment information. We recommend you to use free online platforms such as Tycpool India which offer you several impressive features.