Why Tycpool India is the beat crowd funding platform in India?

By Admin, 01 Nov 2022

Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital, donations, or investments from a large group of people to finance your work. This ranges from seeking donations to support a student’s college fee, education of the poor children, medical help and so many to gathering investments to help each other. 

As this market continues to grow and expand, Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs) also leveraged the power of crowdfunding. By taking advantage of the platform’s fundraising and social media tools, NGOs can bring their mission to a larger audience which was otherwise impossible. 

Tycpool India

Tycpool India is India’s first-ever crowdfunding platform. It started as a tool to fund rural projects and micro-entrepreneurs but has evolved to fund the healthcare sector, education sector, social causes, disaster relief, and personal causes. 

Tycpool India allows users to create strong fundraising campaigns along with pictures, videos, and stories. The platform charges users a flat subscription fee to host you, and does not take any further commissions. 

Once the campaign is live, it is shared with a larger audience through Tycpool India’s networks on social media. Some of the advantages this platform offers include no additional fee for donations, no time limit on campaigns, and no minimum goal that needs to be achieved to receive the funds. 

If you wish to register on Tycpool India, click here.